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With the 61cm Medium Braidy®, and parent resource manual, plus a 30min introductory zoom, this pack gives you everything you need to get started. Kids use Braidy® to calm and soothe, communicate how they’re feeling, work through challenges, problem-solve, learn, discover, and process thoughts and trauma. Braidy® is a highly effective tool that will support your family for life!

Family Pack

    • 61cm Medium Braidy Tool with removable patented icons
    • 30 minute Introductory Zoom
    • Braidy Quick Start Guide
    • Braidy in Action Flip Book
    • Braidy Feelings Resource
    • Braidy Kickoff-Feeling-Plan Map
    • Braidy Kickoff Tower Map
    • Braidy Problem Solving Map
    • Braidy Perspective Taking Map
    • Braidy Respond vs React Map
    • Braidy Focus Map
    • Braidy Plan Map

    Disclaimer: (The Braidy Tool does not replace a therapist. Braidy can be used as a resource and tool both in the family home and in a therapy room.)

  • $150  – First Session (30-90mins)

    $99 –  Follow up sessions

    PARENT/GUARDIAN ONE-ON-ONE $199+gst (60-minutes)

    This is the perfect coaching session for parents or guardians diving into the Braidy® method for the first time, or those wanting to extend their understanding of the resources and how they can be used at home.

    You will learn how to use Braidy® to guide your family conversations, help your children “make connections,” resolve conflicts, and solve problems.

    You’ll meet with Braidy® expert and mum-of-three Angela Wheeler face-to-face or via Zoom to learn everything you need to get started and ask any questions you may have. 

    Book your one-on-one today!

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