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Are you looking for a guide for the development and expression of expository thinking? MindWing’s ThemeMaker™ is a uniquely designed approach to help students organize , comprehend, orally express, and write high level narratives and informational text. ThemeMaker™ focuses on the 7 primary text structures: description, listing, sequencing, cause/effect, problem/solution, compare/contrast, and persuasion. These text structures are a roadmap to oral and written argument. In addition to these structures, we have included a conflict resolution process to tie into social communication and pragmatics.


  • Research paper guide

  • Lessons include chapter books

  • Critical Thinking Triangle® lessons including emotions, mental state verbs, and plans



  • Provides the educational professional with an extensive background for expository text intervention

  • Provides several examples of higher level narratives and expository text selections

  • Provides a thorough grounding for the education professional in the language and thought processes needed by their students to produce such passages

  • Expands and develops the reading and writing initiatives of school based literacy programs

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