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  • What is Braidy®?
    Braidy® offers fun, colourful, multi-sensory toys and resources that help children aged three to 16 (and adults) organise and share their thoughts and feelings so they can communicate when under pressure or in conflict. Braidy® aims to improve mental health across Australasia by supporting families, groups, and individuals of all ages to live calmer, supported, and healthy lives through a proven storytelling methodology.
  • Who can use Braidy®?
    Everyone! Designed to build the oral language foundations of literacy for speaking, listening, reading, and writing, Braidy® helps all children (aged 3-16) and the adults in their lives. With Braidy®, parents, educators, and mental health professionals feel empowered to help children organise their thoughts, identify their feelings, resolve conflict, reduce anxiety, process trauma, make plans, and find solutions to problems. Because Braidy® helps children process thoughts and emotions in a calming way, it can be especially beneficial for children on the autism spectrum, with learning challenges, or those anxious to communicate.
  • How do I know which resources are best for the children in my care?
    The best thing to do is book a 15-minute consultation so we can help you identify the best resources and approach for your family, school, or organisation. Ange Wheeler, the Kiwi mum-of-three who has brought Braidy® into Australia and New Zealand, is on-hand to guide educators, professionals, and families to embed the Braidy® approach with supported custom-learning packages. If DIY is more your style, head to our resources page and shop away!
  • What’s involved in the 15-minute consultation?
    We’ll invite you to tell us all about your challenges, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how you’d like life to look in the future. That way we can identify which resources are going to work best for you and the children in your care. We’ll put together our recommendations following the consultation and go from there. Ready to book in?
  • There are lots of resources on the market, what’s special about Braidy®?
    The Braidy® methodology, developed 30+ years ago by leading American mental health and education expert, Mindwing, is the longest-running, research-based approach of its kind. With an easy-to-use icon system, Braidy® teaches a communication skillset both children and adults can learn to manage the chaos of daily experiences.
  • Is Braidy® being used in other countries?
    Yes! Braidy® is being enjoyed by close to half a million children in 26 countries. It was developed over 30 years ago, has been tried and tested, and has been given a huge seal of approval from educators, mental health professionals, families, and children!
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