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Mental Health Professionals


Great, you’re here! We’re so happy about that because we know how powerful (and often magical) Braidy® can be in the hands and lives of families. Close to half a million children are holding a Braidy® to their chest, telling their stories, and improving their mental health. Will you and your family join them?


  • Want more? Feel overwhelmed by your children’s emotions and don’t know how to help them?

  • Need something simple, easy, and fun to support your children in hard times?

  • Seek more calm and confidence in your parenting?

  • Feel helpless but don’t want to call a child psychologist every time there’s a problem?

  • Want to help your child in real-time by learning together instead of spending time reading parenting books and planning “activities”?

  • Struggle to recall effective strategies when faced with big emotions and conflict?

  • Have work to do around your own emotions and reactions, and feel ready to make changes?


Whether you answered YES to one, or all seven of these questions, Braidy® can help.

Ready to give it a go?


  • Change the way you parent.

  • Give you and your children the tools needed to handle whatever life brings. 

  • Ensure that when uncertainty, chaos, overwhelm, or anxiety arises, the framework is always there to reach for.

  • Give your family a process for talking about daily hiccups, problems, conflict, and family dynamics.

  • Empower your children to be independent thinkers and problem-solvers. 

  • Bring you relief. You’ll finally have a single resource to help your family process thoughts and feelings, make sure everyone is heard, and cope with conflict.

  • Bring you closer to your children.

  • Be the easiest, most simple approach you’ve taken to parenting.

  • Confidently get your children back on track when life gets hard.

  • Create a quieter, calmer household (YES!)

  • Become second nature - before you know it. 

This is the perfect coaching session for parents or guardians diving into the Braidy® method for the first time, or those wanting to extend their understanding of the resources and how they can be used at home.


You will learn how to use Braidy® to guide your family conversations, help your children “make connections,” resolve conflicts, and solve problems.


You’ll meet with Braidy® expert and mum-of-three Angela Wheeler face-to-face or via Zoom to learn everything you need to get started and ask any questions you may have. 


Contact me to Book your one-on-one today!

Oh, and remember to order the Braidy® toy.

Parent/Guardian one-on-one Coaching 


We know you’re busy and we also know you’d do anything to help improve the mental health of the children in your care. That’s why we want to bring Braidy® into your school or educational setting. So you can develop BOTH the academic skills and the social-emotional skills needed to improve mental health.


Educators around the world are using Braidy® from early childhood through to high school to help children write their stories, organise their thoughts, express their feelings, make plans, and decide action steps. 


Braidy® can easily be implemented into the existing oral language and writing curriculum and woven into any storybook. It’s currently being used in every school district within the Hawaii State Department of Education and for a federal Early Literacy program in Honolulu District.


  • An educator striving to improve the mental health of children in your care?

  • Seeking resources that can be easily implemented and don’t require time-consuming training? 

  • Witnessing children struggle with story-telling, reading, and writing?

  • Working with children on the spectrum, with learning difficulties, or anxious to communicate?

  • Feeling overwhelmed managing children’s emotions and conflict?

  • Passionate about oral language and its importance in educational settings?

  • Interested in a simple yet powerful methodology that works across the curriculum?

  • Committed to professional development around story-telling and children’s mental health?

  • A believer that story-telling is crucial to children’s learning and development?


Ready to talk further?


  • Change the way you teach.

  • Give you a credible, evidence-based, systematic approach that supports, encourages, and scaffolds children’s mental health through writing, reading, and story analysis. 

  • Be easily implemented into your existing methods and programmes.

  • Empower children in your care to develop their oral language, including talking through a scenario, telling their story, seeing others’ points of view, solving a problem, or resolving conflict. 

  • Focus on academic skills as well as the social-emotional skills needed to improve mental health.

  • Help you confidently guide children to organise thoughts, identify feelings, resolve conflict, reduce anxiety, and problem-solve.

  • Not require extra work or long professional development hours.

  • Provide ongoing support so you’re always making the most of Braidy®.

  • Help you improve the mental health of children and educators.

Heath Pros

Mental Health Professionals

Thank you for the experience, knowledge, and passion you bring to the world of mental health. We’re just as dedicated to improving the mental health of children and adults as you are, by helping them to “tell their story” and improving their mental, social and emotional well-being.  

That’s why we love Braidy®. It’s a simple, powerful, proven way to help children process and share thoughts and feelings.


  • A mental health professional striving to improve children’s mental health?

  • Interested in new ways to help children express their emotions and process trauma?

  • Aware storytelling increases oxytocin, reduces cortisol and pain, and creates positive, emotional shifts in children, but don’t have a child-friendly, concrete tool to use with them?

  • Dedicated to helping children share their stories of adversity to increase their self-esteem by motivating them to solve problems and change their outcomes?

  • Seeking to offer families a simple, effective tool for helping their children process big feelings?

  • Committed to research-based, methodical approaches and avoid anything gimmicky?

  • Supporting children to reduce anxiety, learn social-emotional skills, and process trauma? 

  • Working with children on the spectrum, with learning difficulties, or anxious to communicate? 

  • Seen toys, resources, and books for children’s mental health, but nothing resonates?


Ready to find out more?


  • Change the way you work.

  • Provide an effective, easy-to-use resource that supports your work (and that parents can use at home too!)

  • Help organise children’s thoughts, emotions, and stories at the start of their session, so you can help them more during the time you have with them.  

  • Encourage children to retell their experiences in more detail by putting it on the Braidy®, which helps reduce the depth of trauma.

  • Be the tool every kid reaches for when they walk into your room.

  • Become the credible, research- and evidence-based tool you tell your friends and colleagues about.

  • Be simple to introduce. No long training hours, straightforward manuals, and support when you need it from a passionate Braidy® expert.

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