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Let’s change the way we help children surf the waves of life.

Many children struggle to communicate and it affects how they think, learn, and live. 

Braidy® is a fun way to bring calm to children's and adults’ lives by helping them easily process and share thoughts and feelings. 


Loved by nearly half-a-million children worldwide; this exciting toy and supporting resources are now available in New Zealand and Australia.

Braidy learning tool

Braidy® is for:


Need something simple, easy, and fun to support your children in hard times? 

Love your family to have a process for talking through feelings and conflict together?


Want one tool you can use, time and time again, for life?

Confidently work together to help your children process thoughts and feelings, gain perspective, feel heard, and problem-solve, with Braidy®.


Children across the globe are using Braidy® to improve their lives, will you join them?


Time-poor and under pressure? Want to empower children to be their best selves?


If you’re looking for simple, evidence-based ways to support children’s oral language comprehension, and emotions, Braidy® can help.

It’s a fun, 3-step approach that encourages and scaffolds children’s mental health through writing, reading, and story analysis.

Easy to implement, simple training, ongoing support, and best of all - it works!

Health Professionals

Interested in new ways to get children to talk about their feelings and thoughts?


Working with parents of children on the autism spectrum, with learning challenges, or anxious to communicate?


Through storytelling, Braidy® helps children reduce anxiety, learn social-emotional skills, and process trauma.

A proven, credible, and research-based multi-sensory tool being used by thousands of people just like you, every day.

Buy Braidy® and work through the training yourself, or ask us to identify the best resources for your family, school, or organisation. 


The first step? Book in for a free 15-minute consultation.

DIY or need support?

Braidy learning tool

Why Braidy?

A tool like no other

Fun, colourful, multi-sensory toys and resources to help children aged 3 - 16 communicate when under pressure or in conflict.

Super easy!

Braidy® starts with a simple 3-step process to organise thoughts and scaffold conversations. With daily repetitions, it becomes second nature.

For every child

Excellent support for children on the autism spectrum, with learning challenges, or those anxious to communicate.


Developed 30+ years ago, Braidy® is the longest-running, research-based approach of its kind.

Ignites storytelling

By encouraging children to ‘tell their story’, Braidy® develops strong language, listening, reading, writing, thinking, and social communication skills.

Powerfully simple

With an easy-to-use icon system, Braidy® teaches a communication skillset anyone can learn to manage the chaos of daily experiences.

More calm, less chaos

Confidently guide children to organise thoughts, identify feelings, resolve conflict, reduce anxiety, and process and release trauma.

Simple to learn

Simple to introduce. No long training hours. Just support when you need it from a passionate Braidy® expert.

Meet Angela

Passionately committed to putting a Braidy® in the hands of every child in Australasia, Kiwi mum-of-three, Angela Wheeler, guides educators, professionals, and families to embed the Braidy® approach with DIY and supported custom-learning packages.

Angela Wheeler

Where did Braidy® come from?

Developed 30+ years ago by a leading American speech-language pathologist and education expert, Braidy® is the longest-running, research-based approach of its kind. Used in 26 countries, it’s improving the academic, social, and mental health of thousands of children. Braidy® supports kids to talk about their thoughts and feelings in a constructive way that’s fun, easy, and over time becomes second nature.


“The impact Braidy® has had on my own and my children’s life is phenomenal, I can’t believe how easy and fun it is to use.”

Braidy learning kids

Ready to powerfully change the way you support children?

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